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13 things to bring with you to Northampton

Do you need some tips about what you need to bring with you to University? Fear not! Here are 13 Northampton essentials that will ensure you have the best time in our fabulous town:

  1. That scarf in the back of your cupboard — it’ll come in handy when you’re watching the town’s local sports. We are ALL about sport here.
  2. Your best dancing shoes for Insane Tuesday’s at the Students’ Union.
  3. A stock of paracetamol for the following morning to help your Wednesday fuzzy head.
  4. Your bike! We are a green-friendly, bike-loving bunch. Trust us; you will get to the shops quicker on two wheels than four.
  5. Fancy dress — because you can never be sure when you’ll need it! We recommend keeping at least one pair of bunny ears in your pocket at all times.
  6. Elasticated trousers to indulge in as much free pizza as possible at Freshers. #Nom
  7. Vitamin tablets to beat the Freshers flu. Eat your greens, people!
  8. Comfortable footwear for a game of badminton at Benham Sports Arena.
  9. A travel mug so you can save money and have your coffee fix at your 9am lecture. Or just ask one of the fabulous coffee shops around town to fill it up for you. Making coffee is hard!
  10. A strong bag for all those books you will take out at the library. Work those biceps!
  11. Your fanciest outfit for the Stallions Sports Awards.
  12. Your gym gear for the FREE fitness classes at the Students’ Union!
  13. Every boxset you own to help you through those times you’re waiting for your student loan #studentproblems.


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