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Being a home student

Our Event’s Coordinator Lottie Phillips share’s her top 5 reasons for why she studied at the University of Northampton (her home town university)

Going to University is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you are likely to experience in your life and whilst for most of us it’s the first opportunity you have to move away from your home town and experience somewhere completely new, it can also be a daunting thought…


It’s no secret that going to your home town university saves you money. I didn’t have the added costs of living expenses because I was able to live at home. I contributed and helped around the house by buying shopping and keeping onto of daily chores and this worked really well for my family.

The University of Northampton is a great place to study!

Like I mentioned before, I had never even thought of the University of Northampton as an option for me. Then I had a look through the courses on the website. They had such a wide range of courses and great opportunities for joint honours options, which is eventually what I picked because I simply couldn’t decide what course I wanted to do! I went to have a look around the University campus and couldn’t believe all the fantastic facilities that were available for students and how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I instantly felt comfortable there and knew I had made the right decision.

University Support

The University of Northampton was extremely helpful in providing me with all the information I needed to help me prepare before my course start date. I received lots of information about the university and my course and what to expect when I started. I would highly recommend taking part in lots of activities during Welcome Week. This is the first week of your university life during which the university student services team and your course tutors put on lots of sessions to ease you into your new life. For me, it was the best way to meet new people, especially from my course. I was able to have a few familiar faces for when I started my lectures the following week.

Meeting new people

One of the biggest misconceptions you may have about staying at your home university is that it will be harder to make new friends. From my personal experience, I am glad to say this wasn’t the case at all! Being a home student meant that I met other people from Northampton who I may have never met and these girls are still my best friends now. I also met people from all over the country and have been able to travel to new cities with them and they have been able to see parts of Northampton that they may have never seen before. I found that I just needed to talk to people, everyone is in the same situation as you, whether they are from the same town or not.

Part time job

Whilst staying at home I was able keep my part-time job that worked around my studying. I was able to make some extra money so I was able to go out with friends and pay for my car but also save towards my future. This was a great added bonus for me.

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