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Getting the most out of University Open Days

Verity Law, Senior Marketing Officer, UK recruitment at the University of Northampton said:

“It’s really important to make your university choice based on the big picture. The average undergraduate degree means you will spend three years studying and living in and around the university you choose.”

Are you prepared?

Before you even arrive at the open day, get prepared. Note down the things you and your family think are important; split the ‘tick list’ up between you all. That way, you have plenty of time to get lots of information about everything you’re interested in finding out. It’s important to think about more than just the on campus lifestyle; if you don’t live in halls, is there accommodation close to campus, and is that on a bus route?
Think about which facilities you’re more likely to use during your time here and inspect them closely. Especially buildings like the Library, which you’re most likely to use for long periods of time!

Your Course…

Making sure the course is right is one of the most important uses for an open day. It’s your chance to find out exactly what your course involves; ask questions about what topics you will study and what work is like. Remember that course trips and placements are important too. Look for a course which offers you the chance to meet industry experts that way you really get an idea of the kind of job you might want when you graduate.

You’re new home?

If it’s your first time visiting the local area, remember how important it is to find out where the university is in relation to the rest of the town for shopping, or nights out etc. This will help to give you get the best experience when visiting for open days and give you a realistic idea of what living there is like.


Don’t leave an open day straight away, grab a drink and chat over your experience before you head home. That way if you still have any questions, you can get an answer before you leave. Sitting and experiencing the vibe in the campus coffee shop will give you a taste of student life. Of course, don’t be afraid to come back more than once, you want to make the right choice!

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