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Which Uni Course is Right for me?

Ex-recruitment consultant, Anthony gives his advice on picking the right course to get you the job you want after university.

If you’ve opened this article we’re presuming you’re as indecisive as most people are about which uni course is the one for you. Don’t panic.To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself which might prompt you to come up with the answer. The subconscious mind strikes again! (*gasps maybe Psychology is the one for you).

Are you studying/working with anything you enjoy at the moment?

This is a good place to start as you might not have thought about a career just yet but choosing a degree in something you find interesting right now could easily develop into a passion you never knew you had. Plus it’s also a great way to know if you would be good at it even if it doesn’t have an ‘obvious career path’. You might enjoy History or Creative Writing which both offer hugely employable skills and are interesting. Win, win!

Do you have an idea of what career you might want?

This could be a very tough question to ask yourself so think about the real core of the career you want to choose to help answer this.

Are you obsessed with entertainment, or topical news? Perhaps Multimedia Journalism or English could be perfect. It’s surprising how easy it can be for you to make a connection between something you love learning about and what you want to do for a job one day. Think about the real core of the career you want to choose…

Or you could really like the idea of helping people and get a real buzz from making a significant difference to people from all walks of life…so Nursing, Occupational Therapy or Policing could be the one for you. Or you could take this in another route and think Teaching could be where you want to make a difference!

Similarly, you could like helping people but also love debates and standing up for the underdog. If the answer is yes, it sounds like Law or even Criminology could be great for you.

Still unsure? Ask yourself what you think you would be quite good at?

Maybe you’re creative and are bursting with ideas to put into practice. A course like Film & Screen Studies, Music, or Fine Art could be ideal. You can also take your creativity into the business world with Marketing Management or Advertising, both would be fantastic choices and are highly sought after jobs.

If you’re the opposite and think you’re great with interpreting data and facts it could be that Accounting and Finance, Engineering or Computing could be interesting for you. If you’re a mix of both creativity and logic, Computer Game Development could be perfect; each of these fields has the opportunity to build a healthy salary and could be where your talent lies!

If you’re not great at thinking ahead then what experience do you have right now?

Perhaps you see yourself as more of a leader and think being a manager or even starting a business one day could be a good course for you. Choosing Business Studies or Business Entrepreneurship is useful in almost any career in the Private and Public sector and would be an excellent choice for a degree.

Still unsure? Maybe a Joint Honours could be the one!

Why study one subject when you can go for two!? There are a lot of advantages of doing a Joint Honours such as a fundamental understanding of two career paths that link together, for example: Psychology and Human Resource Management, but ultimately the world is your oyster.

Don’t be afraid to Ask
You don’t have to make this decision on your own. There will be someone in your school or college whose job it is to help you out with this stuff. Not at school? There is a team of people here dedicated to helping you choose the course that’s right for you.

You can also ask teachers, parents, and fellow students, or come to see us on an open day and try out up to two different courses on the same day!

You don’t have to make this decision on your own!

Don’t sweat it

The rest is up to you, and at the end of the day only you can make the decision. It might seem stressful at first but if you think about it, there is so much choice that you can do anything you want.

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