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Student stories

Lucy Sayer BSc Occupational Therapy

“Hello. My name is Lucy. I’m a first year student studying Occupational Therapy, and I love it!

I first found out my love for caring for people whilst in Secondary school, when I took BTEC Health and Social Care Level 2. I loved this BTEC course, as it had all of the elements of human sciences and the theory that related to the profession that I was going into. I decided to continue BTEC Health and Social Care at college/sixth form level, at Level 3.

I found that this course benefitted my learning, as the course contained very detailed assignments and topics which related to the profession I wanted to join. The course contained parts of Psychology, Sociology, and many more interesting topics, including designing your own health campaign! I chose to do a BTEC as I don’t cope well with the stress of exams. I find being assessed by my coursework is much more suitable for me rather than exams. In the Summer, I found out that I had achieved D*D*D* in the BTEC, which I was so happy about! I discovered previously that I had been given an unconditional offer from The University of Northampton to study Occupational Therapy.

Unfortunately, a lot of stigma surrounds BTEC’s nowadays. Often, people associate BTEC’s with people who are “not capable” or “won’t do well in exams” which definitely isn’t the case! People who chose to do BTEC’s like myself are just as capable as everyone else; they just choose to go down a different academic route. Everyone has their own learning style.

I’ve always wanted to go to university, and I’ve always known that I’d go into a profession that would care for people. Doing a BTEC was the best route for me. I found that I had learnt just the same amount of knowledge with my BTEC as others who had done A Levels (for example, in some of my Psychology lectures, I can refer my knowledge from my BTEC, and so can some of my friends who did A Levels).”

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