BTEC: The next steps to University

Student stories

Lukasz Niewinski BA Human Resource Management

“I didn’t do particularly well at GCSE level and at that point I thought I wouldn’t be able to go any further with my education and I would have to go out and work. However, I spoke to a number of people and was advised to enrol on a BTEC Level 2 Sports programme at college. I completed that course with flying colours and advanced onto the Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science programme.


It wasn’t until I was halfway through my Level 3 programme that my tutor spoke to me about university.  My initial thought was – I don’t think it’s for me, I’m not smart enough. But when I had completed my course I realised my own abilities and saw what everyone else saw in me. I finally believed I was good enough for uni.


I’ve nearly completed the first year of my degree now and have found the coursework process to be very similar to that of a BTEC.

I believe my BTEC course prepared me for uni life and the work that you need to do here. A lot of my friends said a BTEC student wouldn’t survive uni but I’m proof that you can. I’m doing really well!


I would love to see more people come to university through the BTEC route as many people regard it as an easy option, when in fact, it’s not.”


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