BTEC: The next steps to University

Student stories

Meredith Barnett - BA Acting

“I attended a Northern Irish Grammar School that barely mentioned BTEC as an option for further study. It was by chance that I attended my local college’s open day with my friends and found a Performing Arts stall. When the tutor explained that I could do a practical performing arts course that was equivalent to A Levels, I was sold! I told my parents and school soon after that I was going to leave after GCSE’s and pursue a Performing Arts BTEC, this felt like a big decision at the time but I’m so glad I made it. My BTEC in Performing Arts set me up perfectly for university.

I had to audition to get into the BA Acting course here at Northampton and the practical experience I had from my BTEC really helped with that. I’m also finding that doing a BTEC has really helped me to fit into my studies well here at Northampton. The BA Acting course is mostly practical which is very similar to how my BTEC was, so I feel that I have quickly settled into the course.

A lot of things that I learnt as part of my course were things that I had previously covered in my BTEC which is really helpful for me when doing practical exercises in class. Overall I feel that choosing to do a BTEC was one of the best decisions of my life as it helped me to discover my love for acting and it helped to give me the confidence to apply for an acting course at university.

Coming all the way from Northern Ireland to Northampton was at first very daunting for me but so far I am having a phenomenal time at the University of Northampton and I wouldn’t change a thing!”

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